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Latest company news about GIS type SMU switchgear

GIS type SMU switchgear

[2021-03-24 17:36:35]
(1) CLGT-12/630 series solid insulation fully enclosed ring network unit (referred to as ring network unit) is a fully sealed power supply unit, most of the live parts and switches are fully sealed in an epoxy plastic shell, without inside the shell Any gas (2) The entire switchgear is not affected ... Read More
Latest company news about KYN series switchgear

KYN series switchgear

[2021-03-24 17:32:59]
It is an indoor metal armored removable switchgear, which can be used as primary power supply equipment and secondary power distribution equipment. According to the type of switchgear, there are two types: floor type and center type. The protection configuration can basically be realized according ... Read More
Latest company news about XGN15-12 SMU switchgear

XGN15-12 SMU switchgear

[2021-03-24 17:28:51]
XGN15-12 switch cabinet: box-type fixed indoor high voltage switch cabinet, 12 means rated voltage 12kV. As a secondary power distribution equipment. Load switches are mostly used, and most of them are SF6 load switches. It can be combined with a fuse to form a load switch-fuse combined electrical ... Read More
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